The collapse of a church structure has resulted in the injuries of 19 individuals.

In the Kalumbila district of Northwestern province, a 10-month-old newborn survived a disaster when the roof of a church structure caved inwards due to a powerful whirlwind.

In a statement to the media today, North-Western Province Commissioner of Police Joel Njase acknowledged the occurrence.

“Be informed that Kalumbila Police Station yesterday Sunday, 18 July, 2021 around 13:00 hours received a report from male, Lewis Mpenge aged 37, an elder from Kisasa Union Baptist Church, that the roof for their church collapsed inwards completely after a strong whirlwind blew it thereby, injuring 19 congregants,” Mr Njase said.

Mr Njase said the 19 congregants, who included four minors and a 10-month-old female newborn, suffered serious cuts to the back of the head and top left eye, a cut on the mouth, bruised legs and arms, swelled heads, and general body discomfort.

“…female juvenile, Munemba Christine aged 10 months sustained general body pains. The scene of the incident was visited and the roof was confirmed to have completely collapsed inwards and medical report forms issued to all victims,” he said.

Mr Njase claimed there were no fatalities, but that a female sufferer, Victoria Kakeza, had a complete arm fracture and was sent to Lumwana district hospital.

Apart from Victoria Kakeza, who is still confined at Lumwana hospital, church elder Lewis Mpenge told ZANIS Kalumbila in an interview that the remainder of the injured worshippers sought medical assistance and are now at their separate houses.

“Apart from Victoria who is admitted due to an arm injury, the rest were attended to by medical personnel at Lumwana hospital and are at their homes,” he said.

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