The Food Reserve Agency will continue to purchase crops until the end of October.

Despite having met its maize purchase objective, the Food Reserve Agency (FRA) has informed farmers that it will continue to acquire harvests until the end of October this year.

In a statement, FRA Public Relations Coordinator John Chipandwe told ZNBC News that all depots around the country are still available for maize purchases.

Mr. Chipandwe noted that farmers who have not yet sold their grain to the Agency are worried as a result of the announcement that the FRA has met its maize purchase target for this year.

He has explained that the FRA depots have been overwhelmed with farmers delivering maize for fear that the agency would stop buying the crop.

Mr. Chipandwe says the FRA had run out of empty grain bags due to the increasing number of farmers, who are rushing to sell their maize, as was the case at the FRA Simaango Depot in Kazungula District.

He said to help the situation, the Agency yesterday dispatched three-hundred-and-twenty-five-thousand empty grain bags to the Southern Province.

He has told ZNBC News that additional empty grain bags will be dispatched to the province next week as suppliers continue to deliver empty grain bags to the FRA.

Mr. Chipandwe stated that the bags that have been reported to burst at Simango depot do not belong to FRA but that they are properties of the farmers and they are of low quality.

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