The government applauds the craftsmanship on the Kashikishi-Lunchinda route in Luapula Province.

The government has lauded the craftsmanship on the Kashikishi-Lunchinda route in Luapula Province. During an on-the-spot inspection, Luapula Province Permanent Secretary Charles Mushota expressed pleasure with the roadworks.

Mr Mushota congratulated the subcontractor Visha Construction Company for leading by example in terms of providing outstanding work on the road.

He said such local contractors prove that they can be relied on by government to undertake quality projects on time.

“This sub-contractor working on this road is doing fine, previously the main contractor was a concern but since engaging sub-contractors works are progressing well,” he said.

The Permanent Secretary was speaking when he visited the construction site for the Kashikishi-Lucinda road in Chienge district.

And Mr Mushota also appealed to the Road Development Agency (RDA) to increase the number of sub-contractors working on the Kashikishi-Lunchinda Road.

“Works had stalled due to the rain season, but now since the rains are over, the sub-contractor is on site and works are going on well,” he said.

Meanwhile, Visha Construction Company Foreman Brian Mwila who echoed the Permanent Secretary’s words said increasing the number of sub-contractors in government projects will empower the locals.

Mr Mwila said local contractors become confident to perform when they have government’s support.

“I thank the government for the confidence it has put in local contractors because we are now able to get sub contracts from projects such as these, many local contractors need to be given such kinds of contracts,” he said.

He observed that previously governments did not have much faith in subcontracting local contractors but that it is gratifying that now more sub-contractors are being engaged.

“As sub-contractors to this project we pledge to do our best so that we can be entrusted with other projects in the future,” he assured.

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