The government is advised to establish good SME business policies.

Steven Chimwanga, a Kabompo businessman, has recommended President Hakainde Hichilema’s administration to pursue measures that will boost business and speed infrastructure development in the Kabompo area in North-western region.

Mr Chimwanga believes that sound economic policies are needed to encourage more investment opportunities for residents.

According to ZANIS, the businessman lamented in an interview yesterday that Kabompo has long had bad roads and infrastructure due to previous administrations’ lack of political will.


Below is the full statement

I have no problem with former President Edgar Chagwa Lungu as a person but have a big problem with those that captured his presidency.

You know them. They shielded all of us younger ones from accessing him that may have availed him vital data on what the youths were saying arising from interactions at the Council. They kept cooking lies against us to sustain their relevance.

One old Capturer even attempted to chase me and my wife from the Presidential wedding where the Bride and Groom were from my Council as Mayor. This Capturer won in 2016 by 200 votes but still managed to force himself into being adopted in 2021.

I hear he lost by mid-day on the voting day and escaped the Constituency. I dont know what capture powers he had on him whether ‘ubwanga’ or ‘Juju’ but in the process he lost the border town and the PF Presidential Vote as well.

So President Lungu is my elder Brother and win or lose he remains one. Our effort in Matero towards him shows the best in the Country as regards percentage Votes achieved for him over registered Voters. Our nature is to take a position and run with it 100% for better or worse.

What was seen of ECL post-election at the acceptance speech, is what I know of him. A common man like most of us. In the last 5 years, however, that part of him was hijacked by the known ‘ big wigs’ for their own glorification and agenda.

Other than Hon Given Lubinda who anyone genuinely knows means well for every human being and the party, the rest ‘ba’ wrong and even worse so are ones that still want to put their heads above water in the PF in opposition. This is all when they have individually and callously sunk PF. These are the ones every well-meaning PF member and Zambian at large should be rejected. They let the Presidency, the PF, and the Nation down.

My ‘loci standi’ is the 55,000 votes we got in Matero amid near death stabs for no crime committed at all other than supporting ECL and PF.

I pray President HH will surround himself with solid individuals that mean well for him, all leaders in their party and the Nation at large. It’s a new dawn and shall We love and embrace in Zambia we love regardless of idealogy or political beliefs post the general elections.

The moment of actualizing the much sang about ” One Zambia and One Nation” is here before us.

God bless us all.

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