The government is recommended to put in place appropriate SME business policies.

Steven Chimwanga, a Kabompo businessman, has recommended President Hakainde Hichilema’s administration to pursue measures that will boost business and speed up infrastructure development in the Kabompo area in North-western region.

Mr Chimwanga believes that sound economic policies are required to encourage more investment opportunities for residents.

According to ZANIS, in an interview yesterday, the businessman noted that Kabompo has long had bad roads and infrastructure due to previous administrations’ lack of political will.


“We need and expect deliberate policies that will attract more investment opportunities such as in the mines and businesses which in turn create enormous job opportunities for our local people.

“We have very poor township roads and infrastructure which would have been improved if the previous regime wanted to, so we expect a shift in that area from the UPND government”, he said.

Mr. Chimwanga said Kabompo district is also ideal to be the North-western provincial headquarters as it is centrally located and easily accessible for all surrounding districts.

“We appeal for the district to be a provincial headquarters as this will help develop not only the district but the province as well due to several mineral deposits and vast land it possesses which makes it ideal for several other investments”, he said.

And speaking in a separate interview a Kabompo youthful businessman, Jimmy Mukumbi who congratulated President Hakainde Hichilema for winning the general elections, expressed hope that the cries of the youths in Kabompo will be heard.

Mr. Mukumbi said the new government should begin to immediately create a conducive environment that will enable small businesses survive and expand thereby, increasing jobs for the young people.

“We are happy for the forming of the UPND new dawn government, however as the youths we are urging the President to help us with opportunities that will help us improve our small businesses here in Kabompo.

“Youth empowerment should be for everyone not a few groups that have links to the ruling party because we are capable of creating jobs for ourselves”, he said.

Mr. Mukumbi further called for the introduction of tourism activities in the district he said will help youths to refrain from unproductive vices such as alcohol and drug abuse.

Meanwhile, Kabompo African Methodist Church Reverend, Fredrick Chikwama appealed for improved education and health services by employing more qualified staff and distribution of required materials.

Rev. Chikwama said the new government should concentrate on improving the existing education and health facilities and not only build infrastructure without ensuring enough members of staff.

Rev. Chikwama added that all churches should not be used to gain political mileage but should be used to unite the nation by preaching peace and the One Zambia One nation motto.

He further stated that the church expects no segregation by the UPND government in terms of developmental programme distribution as seen from the past governments where other provinces and districts appeared to have received more development projects than others over the years.

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