The Kanyama killings appear to be a PF hit job.

First and foremost, I must state that the assassination of two PF cadres, Danny Chingangu and Teddy, in Kanyama two days ago is regrettable and should never have occurred in a democracy and a peace-loving country like ours.

Now, back to the topic at hand.
The initial accusation is that the dual were murdered by UPND cadres, who have since been arrested and detained.

But does such a murderer fit the profile of a UPND cadre, let alone a female UPND cadre? Ordinarily, UPND cadres are afraid of their PF counterparts and rarely walk around in their party regalia, except in places where ‘safety in numbers’ provides security.

So how possible is it that these three young people, among them a female, in their mid twenties, wearing UPND regalia, at night, deep in Kanyama, walked bravery to a PF camp and located their victims and started hucking them until they died? Where were the other PF cadres? Did the victims cry for help?

And this incident happened out of nowhere without there being a political event in Kanyama specifically near the said PF camp?

On the other hand it is just too difficult not to think that this could have been a doing of PF cadres. After all this is not the first time such could have happened.

In 2012 Menyani Zulu a PF cadre was killed during a by-election in Chongwe. Initially blame was put on the UPND resulting in some UPND members being arrested and detained by police. But the final report showed that Zulu was killed by his fellow PF cadres during a fight for campaign ration money.

In 2013 during another by-election, in Livingstone, another PF cadre, Harrison Chanda, was brutally murdered. Again the accusing finger initially pointed at the UPND.

Senior UPND leaders in that campaign were rounded up among them party leader Hakainde Hichilema, Mazabuka MP Gary Nkombo and former Livingstone mayor Aggrey Njekwa. Hichilema was accused of inciting violence while Nkombo and Njekwa were charged with murder.

But investigation revealed that the real killer was a PF member Henry Lungu. The investigation report stated that Chanda and Lungu differed over campaign funds, again.

We could go on listing such similar happenings.

The volcano that is the PF civil war never quite dies, it only simmers down and erupts from time to time. Recently this PF volcano erupted following the beating of Innocent Kalimanshi at the party secretariat during the Kambwili return ceremony. Since then rival groups, mostly in Chiwama, have been at war, threatening each other on social media platforms, fighting bloody street battles where innocent passers-by have been caught up and eventually culminated in the breaking and burning down of the PF offices in Chawama.

The recent arresting and detation of Innocent Kalimanshi by the DEC on allegations of being in possession of cannabis did not help matters. Black Apple, Kalimanshi’s number 2 in the gang, ama Americans, immediately recorded a video where he accused rival groups at Intercity, lead by Eddie Gowa, and another at ‘Kamugodi’ in Chibolya. Black Apple also threatened the DEC director general and accused him of working with ama Americans’ rival gangs, induced by corruption. In that video Black Apple just fell short of declaring war on Intercity and Kamugodi, both based in Kanyama constituency.

In view of all this, could it be possible that the war that had been ragging among Chawama PF gangs has just crossed the Great North road into Kanyama?

There is another angle.

It’s a well noted pattern that the PF default to violence whenever they feel their backs against the wall in an election. They do this to induce fear and at the same time heap the blame on their opponents. This was the case in both the 2015 and 2016 elections and was heightened in bye-elections from Chongwe, to Livingstone, to Mulobezi, to Sesheke, to Kaoma.

It’s not a secret that the PF have found the 2021 campaign season a very tough one occasioned by a melting economy, increasing lawlessness and unrelenting corruption. They have failed to find a song with the kind of influence that ‘dununa reverse’ had in 2016. Similarly, the public has rejected their tribal message with key opinion influencers openily condemning the divisive rhetoric.

Could it therefore be a mere coincidence that PF spin doctors have been building a narrative, in the past few days, of the UPND being a violent party and, boom, two people are killed in Kanyama?

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