The PF and UPND both deny culpability for a cadre’s death.

The Patriotic Front (PF) in Ndola District has denounced the purported murder of a PF cadre, James Banda, in Twapia Township yesterday by suspected UPND cadres.

This was said by PF Ndola District Chairperson Benjamin Chitondo during a news conference held this afternoon at the PF Ndola district headquarters.

Mr Chitondo explained that as the PF were carrying out their road show in Twapia Township, James Banda one of the PF youths disembarked from the vehicle to buy some water and was attacked there and then by suspected UPND cadres who stabbed him and that he was pronounced dead upon arrival at Ndola Teaching Hospital.

Meanwhile, Mr Chitondo disclosed that six more PF cadres were seriously injured in weekend attacks by suspected UPND sympathisers.

Mr Chitondo has subsequently reminded the UPND in the district that the PF’s decision to remain calm in the face of tremendous provocation is not a show of weakness, but rather of obedience to President Edgar Lungu’s instructions not to respond regardless of the provocation.

Mr Chitondo has also urged the PF in the district to be calm and mourn James Banda in peace.

And when reached for a comment UPND Ndola District spokesperson David Zimba explained that the UPND had problems with accusations of such a nature and that at no point was there a fracas between the UPND and PF supporters in Ndola district.

Mr Zimba emphasised that the UPND had a procession of over 10,000 persons and that if an incidence of this nature occurred, it could not have been ignored by the UPND.

According to Mr. Zimba, such methods are intended to prevent the UPND from staging door-to-door campaigns and road shows.

Mr Zimba has since extended condolence messages to the PF in response to the death of the aforementioned party cadre.

The electoral code of conduct promotes for peaceful and nonviolent political campaigns ahead of the general election on August 12, 2021.

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