The PF Media Director demands that the protesting Resident Doctors be fired.

The Patriotic Front (PF) has demanded that the protesting Resident Doctors be fired.

Party Media Director Antonio Mwanza has stated that the physicians have no need to go on strike because the government has already paid them what they are owed.

He claims that the PF administration has continued to emphasise the health sector and, as a result, would not tolerate the unlawful strike by resident physicians.

And Mr. Mwanza has also disclosed that the PF has impeccable information that some Doctors are working with known opposition political parties to sabotage the government.

“We are extremely dismayed by the unprofessional and unethical conduct by the resident Doctors who have decided to go on strike even when government has met their demands,” he said.

The PF Media Director further added that it is shocking and unethical that the doctors have decided to go on a go slow and allow patients to die at their watch even when government has already cleared their arrears.

“When government paid them all the money they have now changed the narrative and now talking that government must pay other doctors and that government must
Change the condition of service for doctors,” Mr. Mwanza added.

Mr. Mwanza explained that the Resident Doctor’s Association of Zambia is not registered as a union to bargain for worker’s condition of service.

He charged that the PF will not allow unappreciative doctors who after being trained by tax payers money can down tools and allow patients to die on their watch.

Mr. Mwanza said it is the duty of doctors to protect lives and must not for any reason run away from their oath.

He has since appealed to government to take disciplinary action and dismiss all the Resident doctors who have gone on strike.

The PF Media Director charged that the country has a lot of doctors who not yet employed and are willing and ready to work for the people of Zambia.

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