The stance taken by Catholic Bishops on BILL 10 is progressive


The Democratic Party has supported the position taken by Catholic Bishops on the Constitution of Zambia Amendment Bill number 10 of 2019.

Democratic Party spokesperson Judith Kabemba said the stance taken by Catholic Bishops is progressive hence support this position.

Ms Kabemba has appealed to the conscious of Members of Parliament to act in the best interest of the Zambian people by rejecting Bill 10 when presented to the house.

She said Members of Parliament should not allow themselves to be used to support an act meant to benefit one person and leave the Zambians in perpetual poverty and humiliation.

Ms Kabemba said as Parliament reopens for debate, this should be one of the things that parliamentarians must focus on to ensure that bill 10 is thrown out of the floor of the house.

She said Bill 10 is a retrogressive Bill.

The Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishop called for the immediate withdrawal of the controversial Bill 10 which they said while may contain some progressive clauses also contains some retrogressive and highly contentious clauses.

Zambia Conference of Catholic Bishops President Reverend George Lungu said while Bill 10 may contain some progressive clauses, it also contains some retrogressive and highly contentious clauses.

He cited clauses such as the provision for Deputy Ministers, proposed changes in the electoral system regarding Mayors, Council Chairpersons, Members of Parliament and the President, and the proposed revision of the composition of Cabinet as some of the most contentious clauses.

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