Dear Commanders (ZAF, ZNS, ARMY, SF.)

My names are Edward Roy Makayi a very concerned and worried citizen of this country Zambia which you all swore and took oath to defend, protect and support that I have something that I wish you should hear.

Zambia is experiencing heavy and tremendous political violence from PF government under your watch violence that mainly go without retaliation from the opposition because they are not as equipped as the political members of PF, the minister of Home Affairs Hon Steven kampongo is a national chairperson for security in PF it shouldn’t surprise you why many PF cadres have guns or reports of PF cadres being given police uniforms. You are aware that unarmed citizens are being killed mercilessly at your watch and you are saying nothing please your silence is too loud to bare we can’t take it any more.

Are you seated waiting for one of your officers to be a victim of PF wreckless violence slaughter, your families or indeed yourselves for you to realize that you are not only there to defend and protect Zambias from external forces but even within the country if things gets to the worse like they are now?.

ZDF just like any military armies around the world have maintained high integrity standards of respect, maturity and professionalism a president is has no authority to be quiet his police are are killing people who can’t defend themselves and you are quiet about it. Your commander in chief his Excellence Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu has lamentably failed to lead this country as Zambia keeps getting unsafe for everyone including yourselves time and again for us innocent people now even judiciary are the latest victims as they fail to believe their prosecutor was gunned down mercilessly.

Zambia regards you with high respect and I have confidence in you to be our last have of safety else citizens will rise in self defense with arms because hey it’s getting worse will you allow that? No I think.

The head of state your commander in chief is not concerned whatsoever how his people are killing innocent humans on political grounds surely you can end this or be part of the fallen society like other African nations experiencing civil wars and watch how other armies of other countries will troop in Zambia to bring peace in the name of UN. Your wings are party of the loved units being sent to maintain peace in various SADC, ECOWAS and AU missions. To what sense should you be glorified of being best Armies in keeping other countries safe when in your own country your own people are being shot dead anyhow while they are unarmed?.

Who are we going to run to because internal police force is one useless wing PF have infiltrated badly we don’t even know who to trust now even dignified few police officers are all part of the emerging enemies of the people just look at how useless the inspector general of police Mr Kakoma Kanganja could justify and massage a bad situation like what happened yesterday into a trivial matter? We are angry very angry.

Zambia Army, Zambia Air Force, Zambia National Service and Special Forces you are what you are because of this country as peace lasts please help restore order in Zambia stop Edgar Chagwa Lungu before he throws this country in flames it will not be safe for you too and your families anger is building at a very faster rate.

Just to remind you a bit ZAF you where victims of one of your officers killed brutally by the police while in custody if they can do that to a respected and trained military personnel what more can they do to the opposition members, just recently Zambia Army you are the latest victims as one of your officers being stabbed by PF cadres unconfirmed reports indicates that he died when he was mistaken for a UPND cadre over the red T-shirt he wore in a military combat. If that doesn’t send a signal to you that Zambia is headed to serious security turmoil due to the failure of your commander in chief Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu failing to man up and restore order dear sirs am nothing but you will remember this letter when it’s too late not only you and your family members will be affected but the whole nation. PF are careless, too brutal and too rough.

Please stop Edgar Lungu advice him the security setup of this country since he doesn’t seem to have any sensible advisers we only have this Zambia we have no where else to go please but we are not going to allow him killing us fashionable like that. Some of you have served this country with honor and dignity for so long please help pump some sense in PF to behave themselves it’s getting worse twapapata.

As I write this letter to you our defense commanders Home Affairs minister Hon Steven kampyongo has ordered for my elimination through his cadres am receiving so many threats both privately and publicly dear sirs when we degenerate to a gun culture of self defense don’t blame us we are telling you that we are not safe in our own country. Without fear or favor when I die knowing very well who is behind me I will rest in peace if Kampyongo is also killed and his entire family burnt to ashes you can choose either to take me serious or not but it’s not a crime to belong to a political party neither do we owe an explanation to him why we should belong to other political parties it’s our constitutional rights we need your protection since it’s a basic reason we are now targets to prey on by PF government.

Respect for the head state Dr Edgar Chagwa Lungu has shrunk in this country and the only person responsible and should take the blame is himself because failing to put his people in order to respect human life has attracted so many insults at him it makes him an accomplice to it it’s not a crime to say that he has failed to control violence in Zambia let him step down and go farming other than throw Zambia in flames we don’t want war. In a decent society president Lungu should face crimes against humanities in international courts.

With all your busy schedules in trying so hard to protect our country from external enemy’s that don’t even exist your own people in this country have an enemy called PF and are calling for your help.

Prevent this country from becoming a failed state else the excitement these police officer’s have Zambians will rise against them you will have a tough time to restore order in panic this the time.

Hope and trust that this letter will be highly considered thank you.

Yours in fear of losing Zambia.

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