Travel to African countries on the UK’s Red List is now permitted.

From October 11, 2021, the UK government will remove 47 countries and territories from its Red List, which barred citizens from entering the UK due to Covid-19 travel restrictions. The restrictions, it stated at the time, were put in place to prevent further Covid-19 variants from entering the country.

South Africa, whose experts made representations to the UK government on the South African government’s Covid-19 vaccination campaign, and Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and Nigeria are among the African countries that have been removed from the list and are now allowing fully vaccinated citizens to travel.

The removal from the red list will mean -among others – that travellers will no longer be required to undergo a ten-day approved hotel quarantine on arrival in the UK, at their cost.

Also, by removing the countries from the red list, British travellers will no longer be required to quarantine in hotels when they return home.

This move brings relief to the tourism sector which creates thousands of jobs and plays a large part in the economy of African countries.

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