Under the new administration, no public employees will be victimised.

Sheal Mulayta, Minister of the Lusaka Province, has guaranteed public servants in Lusaka that they will not be targeted because of their tribe or political membership.

Ms Mulyata stated that the UNPD government does not wish to victimise civil servants, but rather to maintain unity in the implementation of government programmes in accordance with the UPND manifesto.

Ms Mulyata instructed civil officials in the Lusaka district to familiarise themselves with the UPND platform since they have a responsibility to implement the party’s ambitions in government.

“The role of politicians is to provide policy direction and you are supposed to implement the programmes,” she said.

She emphasized the need to improve the work culture of public service workers for the government to achieve its developmental goals.

“This includes discipline, time keeping and zero tolerance to corruption being key in this area, the culture of nchekeleko (getting a cut) has to come to an end.” She stated.

The Provincial Minister stressed the need to ensure value for money in the use of public funds.

She also noted that the government will embrace a multi-sectoral approach in the implementation of programmes.

Ms Mulyata highlighted that the provincial administration will continue to provide resources for the implementation of developmental programmes stating that there is a need to reduce developmental disparities between rural and urban areas.

“Let me also caution councils to ensure prudent utilization of resources for the benefit of citizens.” She said.

And Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Elias Kamanga warned that the government will bring to book those found involved in activities of corruption.

“This government has made is clear that it will not condone corruption at any level.” He said.

Meanwhile, Lusaka city Town Clerk Alex Mwaba cited floods, illegal land allocation and caderism in markets and bus stations as some of the major developmental challenges in the city.

Mr Mwaba however stated that the running of markets and bus stations have been resolved.

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