Urinate in your tanks if you cant afford the new fuel prices


Friday 14/10/2016

Urinate in your tanks if you cant afford the new fuel prices-Dr.Chishimba Kambwili

When interviewed by private journalists over the scrapped off of fuel subsidies that eventually has caused the current abrupt hike in the fuel prices,Dr.Kambwili said the nation has no money to sustain itself and needed the help of external financial donors and institutions to help resuscitate the economy.

The PF government appealed to the IMF and the world Bank in January 2016 for financial assistance.As you all know IMF and the world Bank have their own regulations and conditionalities for any financial assistance and program implementation in any nation.

On behalf of the government l have to make it clear that,the conditions under which we have been made to sign the IMF agreement are cruel and harsh but the country has to move forward.One of the conditions are the scrapping off of fuel and electricity subsidies. Scrapping off of fuel subsidies was effected by Energy Regulation Board (ERB)and Last night the fuel prices went up but over 30%.We are still working on electricity too and in few days time we might see electricity tarrifs going up by 45%

We understand this development will affect our operations in manufacturing, mining, production, transportation and at household level,jobs mighe be lost in somen sectors and food prices might go up but this was the only way out.

We therefore advise every Zambian to keep on working hard and help the government achieve its goals of developing this nation as promised during our campaign period.

To those who can’t afford the new fuel prices, we advise you to go and urinate in your car tanks than attacking his excellency president of the Republic of Zambia Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

We have said it before that these harsh economical conditions are not just in Zambia.They are global.America is facing the same problems,UK is facing the same problems, even our neighboring countries like south Africa,Angola,Congo are faced with the same problems.


Dr.Chishimba Kambwili
Minister of Broadcast

Zambian government

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