We have no time to enter into an alliance with a sinking titanic, MMD Youths tell Mumbi Phiri


Opposition New Hope Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD) Youths have told off Patriotic Front Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri that their party doesn’t indeed to enter into an alliance with a party that has nothing to offer the people of Zambia. But a party that has more questions of wrong doing to answer.

In yesterday’s edition of the Daily Nation Newspaper, Patriotic Front Deputy Secretary General Mumbi Phiri alleged that her party is in a working alliance with the Opposition MMD. She further alleged that the are still factions in the MMD and the hope of the PF is for these factions to sit down and reconcile.

But New Hope MMD Lusaka Province Youth Chairperson Mr. Friday Chipasha said that there are no factions in the MMD as they died with their sponsors on the 5th of November, 2019. The imaginary factions that are there are only in bamayo ba Mumbi’s head.

“We as the New Hope MMD Youths are shocked with the sentiments coming in from PF Deputy S.G Mrs. Mumbi Phiri where she among others alleged that there are factions in our party. In the first place, it is open gossip that those sponsored factions she is alleging died on the 5th of November, 2019 when the Courts ruled that MMD only has one leadership, which is led by Dr. Nevers Sekwila Mumba. The alleged leader of the sponsored faction Hon. Felix Mutati conceded defeat and accepted the ruling. So we are quite shocked that She is the only person in the country that isn’t updated with current affairs. Maybe that is the reason President Lungu revoked her Nomination to Parliament”, Mr. Chipasha said.

Mr. Chipasha further said that his Party has never been in any alliance with the PF.

“Secondly, we would like to set the record straight that we as the MMD have never been in any alliance with the PF whatsoever. The Invisible alliance that her Party had with expelled members like Mutati never existed at law because the November 5 Judgement clearly stipulated that What those rebels did was null and void and never happened. So we would like to school Ba Mumbi that, that alliance she is talking about never existed at law nor signed for, Mr. Chipasha said.

Mr. Chipasha then said that his party cannot enter into an alliance with the Patriotic Front because the PF have nothing to offer the People of Zambia.

“Lastly but not the least, what does Bamayo ba Mumbi know about MMD and how our leaders are elected in between conventions for her to question the status of our able National Secretary? We ask her to concentrate her energies on her party which has a million problems. We would like to emphasize to the PF, that We as the MMD have no intentions what so ever of entering into an alliance with the PF because they have failed and have nothing to offer the people of Zambia. No sane political party would like to align itself with the PF when everyone knows kuyabebele. OUR ALLIANCE IS WITH THE PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA. IT IS IN FACT THE PF THAT HAS FACTIONS and we would like to advise them to resolve all the divisions in their party with the KBF faction, CK faction and Kalaba faction. It is the PF that need to reconcile with all these people including Dr Scott”, Mr Chipashya concluded.

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