Workers of the Kapiri Mposhi Town Council are in a panic after discovering a white chicken buried in their office.

Workers at the Kapiri Mposhi Town Council were given a nasty awakening yesterday morning when they discovered a chicken corpse buried in the civic centre premises in a suspected ritual case.

Workers arriving for work at 7:00 a.m. were surprised to find a shallow trench excavated near the main entrance to the office premises, partially buried a white chicken.

Chris Mulaliki, a Council Public Relations Officer who was on the scene, described the scenario as “disturbing” and said it was difficult for personnel at the local authority to carry out their routine duties.

Mr Mulaliki however calmed the situation and urged the council workers to continue working normally as the matter has been reported to the police.

“We have reported the matter to police but this is so disturbing. It has made the work environment at the local authority unfriendly, such things should not be happening at places of work.” Mr Mulaliki said.

By press time, Council Police Officers were arranging to remove the chicken carcass and dispose of it off

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