You are free to interact with any citizen, including the opposition, HH informs diplomats.

President-elect Hakainde Hichilema met with four diplomats accredited to Zambia this morning and assured them that his administration will protect human rights, freedom, and liberties.

During the meeting, Mr Hichilema assured the diplomats in a statement released to the media by Brian Mwiinga, his Press Secretary, that human rights, freedoms, and liberties would be guaranteed under his administration, adding that they were free to engage with any citizen, including the opposition, to get views on how he was governing the country.

Mr Hichilema said that he is confident that when human rights, freedoms and liberties are upheld, the Country will attract investment and goodwill and in turn promote his economic vision.

“You are free to meet anyone, talk to any one and ask about our leadership and no one from our end will call you to ask why because we will ensure total freedom for our citizens while delivering economic development as that is what they voted for,” said the President-Elect during the closed-door meeting held at His Residence in Lusaka today.

The President-Elect met with the Germany Ambassador, Mrs Anne Wagner-Mitchell, Finland Ambassador Mrs Pirjo Suomela-Chowdhury and the Swedish Ambassador to Zambia Mr Antonio Maggiore.

Earlier in the day. Mr. Hichilema also met with Ambassadors Mrs Anne Wagner-Mitchell of Germany, Mrs Pirjo Suomela-Chowdhury of Finland, Ms Anna Maj Hultgård of Sweden, and Ambassador Antonio Maggiore of Italy.

“We discussed issues of mutual interest and encouraged them to engage with Zambian people from all walks of life. Our renewed commitment to human rights, and individual freedoms, and liberties will once again restore Zambia to it’s rightful place as a bastion of freedom and stability in the region,” Mr Hichilema said
During our tenure in office, citizens will live free from political threats because that is what democracy requires of us.

“Further, a society where human rights are respected, can and will be a catalyst for economic development as people engage in meaningful debates and economic activities, knowing that their life and property are protected.

“In the interest of our country, we will continue with these bilateral and multilateral talks, with a strong focus on building an economy which provides jobs, food, and positive change for all Zambians”, concluded the statement

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