Youths Advised to be Careful with Government Meeting


By John Shamamba

1. My Personal Opinion on Bill 10
In as much as there are Clauses in it that maybe Considered good , there also a few issues which are controversial and Contentious and Maybe be a Threat to Democracy as we know it today. We can not say I Love Coffee with Milk but I can still drink it even when it is Adulterated with a little Poison.
Poison is Poison we can’t take it just Because we love coffee.
The Bill is Bad it needs perfecting , don’t be cheated the recommendations are not the ones parliament will be debating.
Say no to Bill 10.
2. Youth Don’t attend the meeting Government is organizing they will dribble you like they dribbled everyone on the issue of National Dialogue Forum. The People they will obviously select to make 50 to attend will be those that can represent their interest
The Question you must ask yourselves is who will deliberate the meeting?
Whose interest will that person represent?
What will be the Agenda?
Will the Meeting be representing the Views of the youth since Zambia is not Just Lusaka?
Will the People who make the Subject matter that has caused the youth to Rise be present to answer?
Finally Mr President I ask you as a National Leader with all due respect to explain or tell us something about
1 Mukula who has been Smuggling it?
2 Who is the Owner of the 48 Houses?
3 Who Burnt City Market?
4 Who Was Behind the Gassing of Citizens?
4 Who Bought the Fire Tenders at Inflated Figures?
5 Where are the Ambulances which Ministry of Health Paid For?
6 What have you as a President Done about the Auditor General’s Report and FIC report?
7 Where is the Gold which was stolen from the Police and who were Behind the illegal mining?
8 How much is our National Debt and what is your Government doing to offset it without suffocating the Taxpayers?
8 Why are you allowing some Chinese Nationals to oppress Zambians?
9 Why are you Keeping people who are being Investigated of Corruption?
10 When are your Ministers paying back the money they got during their illegal stay in office?

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