Zambia : Government Asks Diggers to Apologise their their “Stupid Disgruntle Youths” Editorial



The government has said that it has noted with concern the alleged use of derogatory language by The News Diggers in one of its editorials.

Chief Government spokesperson Dora Siliya said that the use of derogatory language takes away from the professionalism and the country’s Christian values and democracy.

Ms. Siliya has cited the News Diggers Editorial Comment of 12th of June 2020 were derogatory language was used, adding that Media Houses should not forget the culture and political environment in which they work in as they do not operate in a vacuum.

Ms. Siliya who is also Information and Broadcasting Services Minister said that the behaviour by News Diggers exposes the media house to retaliation which might incite those offended to attack the institution if there is no recourse.

She has since advised the News Diggers to consider apologizing.

This is according to a letter dated June 12, 2020, addressed to News Diggers and copied to all media Houses by Ms. Siliya.

News Diggers run the editorial titled “Stupid, disgruntled youths should think twice before dancing Dununa next time.

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