Zambia has for the first time since December 25th last year recorded no Covid-19 death

Zambia has for the first time since December 25th last year recorded no Covid-19 death.

Health Minister Jonas Chanda has commended health workers for their efforts to save the lives of Covid-19 patients.

Dr. Chanda has however stated that there are still some critically ill patients in Covid-19 facilities.

He says frontline healthcare workers have borne the brunt of the Covid-19 pandemic over the past year as they have continued to provide both routine essential health services and fight the pandemic.

The Minister says most countries in Europe and some in Africa including Kenya have declared a third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic and are preparing to head into further lockdowns.

Dr. Chanda adds that it is crucial that Zambians remain on guard against a possible third wave locally in the coming cold months given that we live in an interconnected and globalized world.

He says the third wave can only be mitigated by strict adherence to public health guidelines to prevent transmission.

Dr. Chanda further notes that government’s surveillance and supply chain management teams have been working together to develop commodity requirements projection based on the first and second wave in preparation for a possible third wave.

He adds that the ministry has continued engaging key players in the supply chain to ensure that front lines are adequately equipped with essential commodities to sustain the response.

And Dr. Chanda says his Ministry has continued to engage with the Electoral Commission of Zambia to ensure provision of clear guidance regarding adherence to public health guidance in political settings, including before, during the campaign, elections and post-election periods.

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