Zambia : It’s the Constitutional Court that ordered Government and ECZ to allow Prisoners to Vote


Tutwa Ngulube on Twitter: "Thank you Cathy.… "

Deputy Chief whip Tutwa Ngulube has said that it was not the idea of government for inmates to start voting, but that of the Constitutional Court that ordered the government and the Electoral Commission of Zambia to allow inmates to start voting.

Mr. Ngulube said that this was after Prison Care and Counselling Association Executive Director Godfrey Malembeka successfully sued the Attorney General in the Constitutional Court.

Mr. Ngulube said that despite these facts being in public domain some opposition parties have chosen to mislead the public that the decision was made by the PF.

He told ZNBC news that these deliberate efforts to mislead the public are a sign that the opposition parties have already started looking for excuses to give when they are beaten by the PF during the 2021 general elections.

Mr. Ngulube said since the country’s independence in 1964, there has never been a government that attempted to allow the inmates to vote until the Constitutional Court gave a directive following a petition by an NGO called Prisca.

Mr. Ngulube encouraged Zambians to go to the Constitution Court and read about the case that led to inmates being allowed to vote rather than to be fed lies by some sections of society.

On Friday, ECZ announced that following the case of Godfrey Malembeka (Prisons Care and Counselling Association – PRISCA) Vs Attorney General and ECZ in which the court held that prisoners’ right to vote should be upheld, and the Commission in fulfilling the ruling was required to undertake Prisoners Voting for 2021 general elections.

ECZ further said that the Commission had made steady progress towards finalization of the guidelines to facilitate for Prison Voting and are expected to conclude this by September 2020 in time for the Voter registration exercise, and that the next steps will involve consultations with key stakeholders especially Political Parties and non-state actors.

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