Zambia : Re-gazetting of Bill 10 is a trust builder, says ZANASU



The publication of proposed amendments to Constitution Amendment Bill Number 10 should diminish the question and minimise mistrust between Government and the public on Government’s commitment to amending the Bill as proposed by Parliamentary Committee, the Zambia National Students Union (ZANASU) has noted.

In an interview with ZANASU Vice President, Steven Kanyakula, the student umbrella mother-body has commended Government for taking steps to publicise amendments it intends to move in Parliament if Bill 10 is given the chance to be amended during the Committee of the Whole House Stage and has since urged Members of Parliament to unanimously vote to open doors for amendments to be formally made in Parliament.

“As ZANASU, we ask our politicians to put the partisan politics aside and do what is best for Zambia so we can put the Constitution reforms behind us and focus on emerging issues such subsidiary legislation to support the amendments such as the Mixed Member Electoral System and other pressing national issues,” he said.

Mr. Kanyakula said ZANASU is happy that Government has committed itself to removing provisions such as the reintroduction of Deputy Ministers and Coalition Government which ZANASU had opposed in its submission to the Parliamentary Committee.

“We also note that Government has committed itself to having the contracting of loans and debts scrutinised by Parliament. These provisions, and many others, which have resulted in contention will be removed, if the Bill is amended. These amendments can only be realised if the Bill is voted for during Second Reading,” he said.

ZANASU says the focus should be for MPs to build consensus in the House so that Zambians can shift the focus to 2021 polls which we hope must be conducted in an atmosphere that promotes democratic growth through participation and representation. He has since encouraged the public to obtain the official Bill which has been re-gazetted by Government.

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