Zamtel Applauds President Hichilema’s Digitalization Focus

President Hakainde Hichilema has been lauded by Zamtel for recognising the crucial role that the digital and knowledge economy plays in increasing productivity across all sectors of the economy.

Changwe Kabwe, Zamtel Corporate Communications Manager, says it is encouraging that President Hichilema addressed how digital transformation affects all element of human, social, political, and economic activity in his inaugural address to the National Assembly.

Mr Kabwe stated that Zamtel is overjoyed that President Hichilema’s administration recognises that digitalisation brings enormous prospects for developing countries such as Zambia.

“It is pleasing that the Presidential Speech touched on the core issues around the need to kick start the digital revolution in Zambia. The tone sets a very good platform for players in the digital space to play their meaningful role in actualizing the intentions of the government and Zamtel is ready to contribute,” Mr Kabwe said.

He said Zamtel is well positioned to play a critical role in harnessing this potential by helping the government increase the adoption of digital channels in the provision of goods and services.

Mr Kabwe stated that Zamtel, through its Innovation Hub, is ready to partner with Start-Up software development companies for youth entrepreneurs and build capability to develop innovative solutions to help deliver services in sectors such as finance, health, agriculture, tourism, manufacturing, wholesale and retail trade among others.

Mr Kabwe observed that the pledge by President Hichilema that his administration will support innovation and creativity through home grown solutions across all sectors of the economy fits in with the Zamtel corporate strategy.

He said with the widest network footprint and clearest network, Zamtel has invested heavily in infrastructure to enhance connectivity and service delivery.

“We are building over 1009 new communication towers across the country mainly in remote areas, so far we have over 800 sites that have been switched on and this is proving to be a game changer in the way people communicate and conduct commerce,” Mr Kabwe concluded.

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