Zingman blames Fishman, as he explains his links to Lungu, Sturdy, ZAF Commander, Kampeshi


Zingman blames Fishman, as he explains his links to Lungu, Sturdy ...

BELARUSIAN businessman Aleksandr Zingman who appeared in controversial pictures with President Edgar Lungu, Lusaka Businessman Valden Findlay and Russian businessman Alexander Mikheev, has blamed another businessman Vitale Fishman as the person who is behind the allegation levelled against him.

Zingman’s UK-based lawyer Daniel Delnero has told News Diggers, that the person behind the allegations made against Zingman is an actual arms dealer and businessman called Vitale Fishman.

Delnero went further to send articles and social media video footage of Fishman with a caption reading:
“Vitale Fishman is the individual behind the allegations against Mr. Zingman. Mr. Fishman is an actual arms dealer, who has been implicated in multiple international scandals. https://www.diigo.com/item/note/7k4hp/u721?k=92d0a4039b79be3ad5e53fd6f3c59ce3″”

News Diggers then gave an opportunity to Zingman, through his lawyer to explain the nature of his business with President Lungu and the Zambian top military brass.

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